The Devious Genius


Formerly a baby — now a multitalented designer.



I'm a talented designer with exceptional visual skills, that enjoys finding creative (or sometimes devious) solutions to various design problems and challenging situations.

I consider myself an effective and energetic team player (as long as some amount of caffeine has been consumed). Able to work effectively across multiple projects while managing my time efficiently. I have over 6 years of experience in post production and design across a wide range of mediums.

I'm passionate about typography, animation, design and illustration. I love gaming and technology, obsessing over future innovations and whatever will let me control every corner of my room with just my phone.

I'm a hard worker with a passion for the work I do, I’ve comfortably collaborated across a breadth of varying mediums, willing to learn and adapt as needed. If I haven't lost you, let's talk and create something great together.

Want to get to know me more? Download my CV here.